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The 2nd Franco-Asian Symposium around Eco-Water treatment and its future was held Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 at the Water Pavilion of the City of Paris (XVIth arrondissement) from 9am to 18pm. Once again supported for this edition by the Franco-Japanese Sasakawa Foundation, the Academy of Water and SLQI Systems, this international trade show focused this year on: "Perspectives on Water and Sanitation".

A real success for this second edition, where many nationalities were present, institutional and scientific guests, but also researchers and private companies were able to meet and exchange throughout the day. Among the speakers of the event, Japanese and Burmese researchers, scientists and engineers from Singapore, India or Vietnam were present. On the French side, several indispensable agencies of the water sector were also represented like the National Water Committee or the SIAPP.
By choosing to approach on 2015 the sustainable water sanitation, that is what to do with water after use it, this second edition has shown a continuation with the matters of the first edition, which had addressed eco-water treatment issues (so how to treat water for use). It is especially the concrete side of interventions that marked this edition. Those are ongoing projects and current concrete problems that were presented this year. All this, has clearly fostered some exchanges during that day as well as some potential collaborations at short / medium term between different structures represented throughout the world. About 150 people were at the appointment throughout the day, to attend conferences, watch technology demonstrations and take part in the international roundtable that concluded the day. The professional audience was very qualified, which made the richness of interactions with the public, especially talkative this year. The distribution of this audience was 30% industrial, 40% institutional, 20% of scientists, as well as associations, NGOs, consultants, students...

Concrete projects
Following the 2014 edition, Ifremer has presented a collaborative project between the Laboratory of Shellfish Productions Securing (Station of Bouin) and SLQI Systems. This project is based on the analysis of using microbubbles for the oyster cleaning and water treatment process. The results were presented and showed the importance and richness of cooperation (born during the 1st Symposium) between different entities. Among the speakers, Dr. Than Tun Tun, president of the Authentic Group of Companies came from Myanmar to present some major projects and the difficulties of the water sector in his country. He has also explained the necessity of having international collaboration to support the Burma development:"For instance, in our country there is a big power supply project constructing the reservoir. (...) What this country needs is to start to develop; taking of the isolation… so every development partnerships are welcome and to participate in our country’s development."
The intervention of Shobana Srinivasan (Environmental Engineer) presented different issues on sanitation in India. She described the example of the city of pilgrimage, Pandharpur, which hosts 1.5 million pilgrims, and has no yet infrastructure adapted to this increasing affluence. This small town is implementing different sanitation pilots in order to find a sustainable and appropriate solution. "It would be really nice to have partners who are interested in giving new solutions or new decentralized and sustainable sanitation solutions…"

The action of Japan in Asia was highlighted through a presentation about the deployment of Japanese hydroelectric systems. The general presentation on the situation of a country allows to understand better the issues (technical, social, but also cultural, historical...) related to water, a vital element for population. In that way, it allows to respond to these issues or implement suitable projects.

Interview Shobana Srinivasan                                                           Interview Tun Than Tun
Ingénieur Environnement, GIZ (Inde)                                      Président d’Authentic Group Companies (Myanmar)

Very positive results
Many exchanges between stakeholders and the public were held throughout the day; especially some concretes projects during the general roundtable that closed the day. Balance of this conference: To share different perspectives on sanitation to achieve a common vision of the importance of cooperation between the continents. And desires shared to create concrete projects, even small ones, through the installation of pilot test, for trying of answer to the sanitation problems in France and in Asia. Let us bet that 2015 will be favourable. Already several exchanges are certainly going to lead to collaborations between those present: partnerships, setting up pilots, studies / mutual research...

Towards a 3rd edition
Several speakers and participants discussed about the 3rd edition of the Franco-Asian Symposium. A reflection will be offered to partners and guests to define the feasibility, relevance and interest to renew the operation. It is desired to develop more partnerships during another edition, in order to reach a more important target and to gather more water sector professionals even more broadly. SLQI Systems, which co-organized the event, would like to try a slightly different format for the next edition, to further promote practical exchanges, and propose a symposium that evolves and adapts. The purpose being to present collaborations that have seen and will see the day through this event.