Import/Export SLQI

Our french team

  • C.E.O | Frédéric Laurent
  • Communication | Agnès de Charette
  • Scientific | Yvonne Masson
  • Technical | Jean-Pierre Laurent: Architect Certified by the Government
  • Analysis | Partnership with a Laboratory specialized in hydrobiology-ichthyology



SLQI SYSTEMS is a French-Japanese company of Import-Export in the water, gas and sanitation fields. The joint ventures located in France, Japan and Singapore accompany Japanese enterprises in the development of their technologies on the European market, and help and advise European enterprises so they meet Asian companies’ specific requirements on European products. Through a perpetual adaptation to the market trends, the regulation and the cultural specificities of the continents, SLQI SYSTEMS is the spokesperson of industrial entrepreneurs looking for Japanese eco-technological innovations and/or interested in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Our company intervenes in various technical areas:

> Products of investigation through gas and water networks
> Industrial processes in water treatment
> Sewage treatment and recycling systems
> Mapping and geo-localisation systems and applications
> An innovating and autonomous system of water recycling through Oyster filtration

SLQI SYSTEMS provides to each customer a local team that helps to insure a better management of the issues.
The French-Japanese society develops and adapts its resources to the specific needs of the technical expertise. Composed of international consultants, French, Spanish, Japanese and Singaporeans engineers specialized in environment, and most precisely water, gas and sanitizing issues, SLQI SYSTEMS also federates a local network in each of its locations (France, Japan and Singapore) in order to deal with the needs on-spot, from East to West Asia.

Our services

Ensuring the exploitation and the maintenance of projects over the long-term, SLQI Systems work with a network of professionals who collaborate together: the SLQI Company, a water analytical laboratory specialized in Hydrobiology / ichthyology and a scientific and technical team. 

Our strenghts

- To integrate and to analyze the local context and demand
- To provide appropriate environmental technologies customized
- To pool good practices and on-site installation
- To promote research and development and the monitoring of projects

Typical project stages

1. Contact establishment, onsite visit
2. Study of the issues and the establishment of a device depending on:
- The available resources
- The condition of the place
- The issue to be solved
3. Ad hoc treatment offer
4. Customer approval, custom-made adaptation, project management
5. Accomplishment, onsite delivery, installation
6. Project tracking and maintenance