Microbubbles Generator

Microbubbles Generator

UμBF Microbubbles generator

Mankind is more and more concerned by the issues related to water whose treatment has become a major issue for numerous fields: local authorities, recycling industries, alimentary factories, oyster farms, heritage sites, tourist resorts…SLQI SYSTEMS offers an innovating and sustainable solution.
Result of long-term researches initiated by professor Takahashi, Chief researcher of the AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) and President of the Japan Micro-Nano Bubble Society Corporation in Tsukuba (Japan), the micro bubble technology has been used in water treatment for the last 10 years in Japan. SLQI Systems has adapted this technology to create custom-made micro bubbles generators for the Western market.

Presentation of product

Our system of micro bubbles is a real improvement to answer all these sanitary and environmental issues. The numerous characteristics of the micro bubbles allow them to have an extended action, more efficient and more respectful to the environment (no rejection) than other existing devices.

buse microbulles

It is a Venturi effect tube that generates micro bubbles through a Vortex. The system teams with a high flow pump that pumps water to be treated while the tube rejects the micro bubbles charged water in the basin. In order to generate the micro bubble, the nozzle is going to work according two principles.
The UμBF Nozzle

buse microbullesOn one hand, the Venturi effect : this phenomenon of aspiration enables to feed a fluid with air (or another inhaled/instilled gas). On the other hand, the Vortex : The fluid (water) accelerated at more than 25m/s in the injector forms in its centre a spiral that creates micro bubbles by shearing.
Microbubbles fog

microbulles environnement NHK channel : Microbubbles report

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