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Inspection Cameras

Pipeline Inspection Camera Systems

TS3040 Camera (DN50-DN800)

camera toshiba TS3040 During a pipe inspection, the necessity to close and empty a pipeline is constraining and costly. SLQI offers a simple solution and an exceptional quality thanks to its camera model TS3040 that allows an inspection of running gas and water pipes.
Equipped with an automatic command system and a SD card, it can record and to take photos at every moment. The shoots can also be scheduled at regular time intervals.

The camera’s integrated LED insure an optimal lighting and its high resolution optimizes cracks detection up to 1/100 of the pipe diameter. Its horizontal automatic corrector and its wide field of vision (up to 160°) provide an unprecedented image quality.

SLQI Systems is the exclusive reseller of this model developed by TOSHIBA TELI, the undeniable Japanese leader in the pipelines investigation field.

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Camera (DN150-DN1200)

panoramic cameraThe panoramic camera allows inspections of all sewerage and gas systems, whatever their requirements and environments. It is electrically powered and controlled with a small panel. It works in a wide range of pipe diameters.

Its high resolution ensured by a fisheye lens enables the cracks detection up to1/300 of the diameter of the pipeline.

Image recorded by the camera


analysis MAPS pipelines Each year, more than 100 000 damages are observed during public works conducted next to aerial or underground networks in France. In order to reduce these incidents, a by-law of the 15th February 2014 stipulates that all the background maps and the outlines of the sensitive buried networks must be geo-referenced until the 1st January 2019 (1st January 2026 for rural areas).

In this perspective, SLQI Systems offers a new application, SLQI Maps, which allows to manage all information related with networks:
- Coordinates
- Materials, dimensions, type of network
- Intervention reports (pictures, external documents)...

canalisation film

SLQI Maps Application on iPad

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