Inflatable stoppers

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Inflatable stoppers

Inflatable stoppers

Stoppers allow to perform leakage tests under pressure pipes, insulation of pipes during maintenance operations as well as temporary fillings to prevent toxic spills.

SLQI proposes you reliable, innovative and custom-made industrial solutions designed by Pronal Elastomer Engineering.


3DPLUG The 3D PLUG range allows plugging pipes from diameter 100 mm to diameter 1000 mm with only three references.
Stoppers are designed to intervene on every kind of pipes (PTFE, steel, cement...) and vulcanized under vacuum that brings reliability and solidity. Perfect tightness and excellent back-pressure resistance are thus guaranteed.
For air and/or water test, by-pass system is available as an option to be integrated on the stopper. Versatile, they will answer all your needs in terms of pipe building, maintenance or test operations.

- Large dilatation bracket for each reference
- Versatility: spared by-pass as an option
- Long life expectancy & resistant: adapted rubber thickness
- Robustness: Stoppers vulcanized under vacuum
- 3 bars inflation pressure
- No bracing required: improve operators' safety

- Double by-pass air: for the 200/500 and the500/1000
- Kit by-pass: for the 500/1000
- Inflation line (10m): pressure gauge (0 to 6 bars), 1/4“ turn tap, adjustable connections for compressor


VARI-PLUG The VARI-PLUG range has been developed for servicing sewage pipe, water, hydrocarbons and chemical distribution pipe.
Designed to intervene on every kind of pipes and vulcanized under vacuum, these stoppers offers a resistance up to 3 bar back pressure without bracing. The range comes either as a simple inflatable plug or with a by-pass system to carry out air or/and water test.

- Resistance to back-pressure up to 3 bars
- Designed to be compatible with various type or substances: water, mineral oil, waste water, chemical agents...
- Long life expectancy due to rubber thickness
- Minimum safety factor of 3
- High abrasion resistance & good water tightness
- No bracing required, improve operators' safety
- Easy introduction: adapted weight and shapes

- Double air by-pass: only for air tests. Adaptable from model 200/300
- Semi-rigid connection and rod: easier set up in junction boxes
- Inflation line (10m): pressure gauge (0 to 6 bars), 1/4“ turn tap, adjustable connections for compressor

OTR : Air test stopper for manhole

OTR Thanks to its original conception, the OTR stopper, made out of autoclave vulcanized reinforced rubber is used to test manhole in sewer lines.
Thanks to its flexibility and lightness, setting up the OTR is very easy.
Whatever the pipe diameter, OTR height is 200mm; it thus can be used in tight areas.
The OTR stopper is equipped with crossing tubes used for putting under pressure or for the leak tests.

Optional accessories
- Vacuum air Injector for Venturi effect
- Inflation line

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