Aquamake System


  • Oyster shells are used as a medium of sewage sanitization.
  • The system works well even under cold weather.
  • The after-treatment BOD is inferior to 5ppm.
  • After-treatment water is colourless, odourless and all the E.coli are eliminated.


  • High-volume structures (hospitals, retirement homes, centre communal)
  • Domestic use (domestic, individual)
  • Mountain installations (public lavatories in wild and remote areas)
  • Installation in parks and leisure structures (public lavatories in park and leisure areas)
  • Individual lavatories

Aquamake System

The Aquamake System : Autonomous Treatment

The principle

  • No possibility of water supply, no water source?
  • No possibility of treated water drainage?
  • Variable use frequency?
  • Need to remain operational in case of disaster?
Aquamake answers all these on-the-spot issues!

This solution developed by the Japanese society Ecoeiwa is a revolutionary autonomous water treatment and sanitary wastewater recycling system.


microbulles environnementVideo Aquamake System

The advantages are obvious

- No sewage rejection, in other words, the system is free from the laws concerning private sanitizing systems laws.
- Totally autonomous, this system doesn’t need water supply.
- Units can be installed irrespective of location conditions.
- No water or periodic inspection costs.
- Very few maintenance needed.
- No wastewater discharge, therefore no sewer system needed.
- Choose between above ground or underground models.
- Customized units are also available according to the different needs.
- This system can also be deployed in case of natural disaster, in order to manage and/or supply an affected area.

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